Looking for a tool to undelete partition

Whenever a new hard drive is put to use it should undergo partitioning. Now, What is this partitioning? Partitioning is an act of dividing the hard drive into multiple logical storage units. Wherein each unit is known as a partition. You’ll be able to possess a single partition on the hard drive, when you have installed single OS. Each partition holds different Operating Systems. Later these partitions can be re-sized, merged, deleted or even split depending on the needs. All the details about these partitions will be stored or maintained by a Partition table, it’s a reserved area at the beginning of the hard drive.

At times there are chances of deleting or corrupting these partitions either accidentally or unintentionally. Every time a partition is deleted or corrupted you will not have the ability to access any data stored on that partition and you may lose your data. There is no particular reason or situation to delete or lose these partitions. Consider one scenario, in which you have installed the Windows and Mac Operating Systems on your system. You will notice that the memory assigned to Mac is insufficient, thus you should re-size these partitions or delete Windows partition and extend Mac’s size. You will decide on to delete the Windows partition using Windows Disk Management Utility and take the backup of the data. Next time when you try to reboot your system, you’ll be shocked as you cannot find your Mac OS and also have only Windows. This is because; you have deleted the Mac partition rather than deleting the Partition containing the Windows. The worst part of it is you have back up for only Windows and not for Mac. This is really an awful situation wherein you’ve lost data due to your carelessness. But no need to worry! You can find chances of undeleting your deleted partition. I recommend you to utilize recovery software that may perform partition undelete successfully and with high success rate. The software which efficiently undeletes your partition is Undelete Partition Software.

This is just one particular scenario where this software proves its ability; there are many other scenarios in which this software effectively recovers the lost, deleted or inaccessible partitions. They are:

  • Accidentally choosing the wrong partition deleting it rather than the unwanted one without the proper back up
  • Virus infection to the system also results in partition corruption
  • File system corruption or presence of bad sectors on the hard disk drive also results in deletion or corruption of the partition
  • Errors occurred during Operating System re-installation, re-partitioning and re-formatting the hard drive also contributes to the corruption of the partition resulting in deletion

In all the situations you will have corrupted or deleted partitions in turn losing data from these partitions. However, you have this software which can undelete deleted partition. The main features of this software are:

  • Able to recover lost or deleted partition from any internal or external hard drive partitions and in addition undeletes and recovers USB drives, flash memory cards partitions also
  • Ensure complete recovery of lost and deleted partitions of all latest Windows and Mac OS X versions
  • It can also restore partitions which are accidentally deleted, lost or inaccessible due to any severe issues
  • With the help of a robust and advanced scanning algorithm it could easily recover and undelete the lost or corrupt partition within few minutes

As a result of above features; this software is becoming unbeatable in recovering the partitions. In order to undelete your partitions just follow these few simple steps:

  1. Download the software using this link and install it into your system
  2. Now, run the software, select “Recover Partitions / Drives” and then in the next window opt “Partition Recovery”
  3. Select the drive to be recovered and press “Next” to initiate the scanning process
  4. Once it is done, you can view your recovered files
  5. If you wish to save them, purchase the software


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