Is there is any simplest way to recover delete photos from PC

Pictures help use to preserves sweet memories and that to with crystal clarity. When memories fade then pictures comes in action to make recall for all those emotions and once again we can enjoy our good time. Before there was the hard copy of photos which need to be kept in some proper medium but they still get faint and flush off sometimes, if doesn’t take care of. New technologies came and removed the aspect and gave the digital photo as a gift to be close to one’s memory. With the increase in technology capturing and storing photo became very easy.

Generally user prefers to store all their crucial photo files in their system hard drive which they can preview anytime. As there are no such devices in the world that save and secure data without the threat of data loss, so photo stored in system hard drive is not at all safe and. Most of the computer users are losing their photo files from their PC hard drive. There are lots of situations due to which users may lose their valuable photo files, have a look on some of them:

  1. Accidental deletion of photo file is the most common reason for photo loss. Whenever you delete photo file from the system hard drive by using “Shift + Delete” key combination, will bypass the file from Recycle Bin and cause permanent deletion of file.
  2. Unintentional formatting of the hard drive without taking necessary backup also causes a huge data loss to the user. Sometime in hurry users accidentally format wrong partition and suffer huge data loss.
  3. Apart from the above mentioned scenario’s, there are many other reasons which causes loss of photo files from hard drive like file system corruption, software conflicts, virus or malware infection from the internet and continuous system reboot due to improper power supply, etc.

After facing any one above mentioned scenarios user generally thinks that they lose their data for forever, as they don’t know how to retrieve deleted pictures from PC. But I want to clear one thing for the users who their file due to deletion or formatting that simple deletion or formatting of drive never erases the stored photos permanently, it just removes the file pointers and set it as free or null. While deleted picture files remains in drive only until it get overwrite with the new files. That’s why it is always advice to stop using the drive immediately after data loss.

These were some precautions which can help you avoid data loss situation up to certain extent. Like maintain a proper backup, use antivirus in your PC, don’t connect any infected device to your system, check for power source regularly etc. These precautions can save the data from many data loss scenarios, but if in case it fails to do so then you have only one option that is photo recovery software.  This tool supports all major brands of hard drive such as HP, Toshiba, Western digital, Lexar and many more. You can try trial version of this tool by clicking here, if you satisfied with its results then you can download its full version.




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