Approach to recover Word files after partitioning

Millions of computer users change their preferences with developing technologies. Hard drives are the most commonly used storage devices in variety of computers, laptops, servers and other consumer devices. These hard drives divide memory into separate sections and these sections are called partitions.

These partitions help the user to separate their system and program files and allow them to store their data like pictures, songs, documents, movies and many more. MS Word is the component of Microsoft office which is designed and marketed by Microsoft to perform Word processing. This MS Office comes up with different versions like 2003, 2007, and 2010 with different file formats such as doc, .txt, .rtf. All the documents which are saved in later versions like 2007 and 2010 will be stored in .docx format.

The Word file performs spell check and correct it automatically. However, still there are possibilities where the file can be lost or deleted from the partitions which may lead to loss of your important data.

Consider yourself in a scenario where you saved a Word file containing document related to your upcoming business meeting. You wanted to format your D: drive partition to make it virus free but accidentally you selected E: drive and formatted the partition. The next day in order to present the document you opened your E: drive but the file was missing. Later you recognized that a day before you formatted wrong partition resulting in entire data loss from your E: drive. This must be the most upsetting moment where you lost your Word file related to your business. Are you wondering how to recover deleted word files?

Just Relax!!! As there are several methods available where in you can easily recover files after partitioning. Thus you can make use of Drive partition recovery tool the deleted Word files can be easily retrieved.

There are some more situations of data loss which you may face in your future.

Common data loss scenarios:

  • Sometimes due to incomplete re-partitioning process will make your partition inaccessible, due to which you may lose all your data stored in that old partition.
  • Shutting down your computer improperly may result in inaccessible windows/partitions/drives.
  • The partition could also get formatted while converting a partition from dynamic to basic.
  • Unable to access partitions due to error in re-partitioning/corruption and files lost due to journal corruption.
  • Malfunctioning of operating system or any programming error may delete the Word file from the hard disk and this may lead to loss of data.
  • Ejecting of storage devices like USB hard drives, memory card abruptly when it is connected to your computer may also result in data loss.
  • Accidental deletion of partitions while trying to relocate free space among the partitions using third party tools.
  • Frequently occurring power outages causes system to shutdown improperly which results in corruption of file system of your computer.

In order to avoid the above mentioned scenarios you need to follow some of the precautions such as save you Word file properly before you close your Word program, always keep a proper backup of your data, use antivirus software to keep your computer free of virus, Make use of UPS in order to avoid power fluctuations and sudden shut down of your systems.

However, there are instances where after following precautions a user may delete or lose file accidentally or intentionally. Then comes recovery software’s into mind and there are a lot of tools available online. One such proficient tool which helps to recover Word files which get deleted due to some of the reasons is Word file recovery tool.

This software provides you the fastest recovery of data from lost/missing partitions, formatted, reformatted partitions and re-partitioned drives.This tool is specially designed with distinct features which help to recover all types of Word files which are lost or deleted data with ease.This software helps you to recover from data hard drive having bad sectors by creating disk images.It also helps the user to recover files from different types of hard drives including RAID partitions which are formatted using different file systems.

This software supports Windows 7(32-bit, 64-bit) and Mac operating system and uses latest and updated version of anti-virus program to scan the files before they are compiled.It is more preferable as it recover the data deleted from emptied Recycle Bin. The software can easily recover the files with complete directory structure from a formatted drive or partitions. This software provides you all necessary data recovery modules to recover partitions from various storage devices like hard drives, USB drives, Fire wire drives, memory cards etc. The working procedure is very simple you can do it easily at your fingertips.

Try the trial form of the recovery tool and install it on your computer. Select the appropriate recovery options which you come across. Once the recovery process is completed you can purchase the full version of the software.

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